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Hydro-3 Enduro backpack

Product details:
Race-spec. 3-litre hydration pack with an unequalled level of fit and comfort.

Works great with these options:

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> The Kriega Hydro-3 drink system has been designed specifically as an active riding pack with our unique Quadloc-LITE harness system. Providing a level of fit and comfort unequalled by any other hydration system. With a fully adjustable back-length and unrestricted underarm movement.

> Once set, the pack is exceptionally convenient to use, with none of the harness strap re-adjustment necessary on conventional harness systems. The adjustable back also allows the pack position to be moved up to allow large waistpacks to be also worn.

> The Kriega Hydro-3 can be worn with or without the included waiststrap - we recommend to use the waiststrap for maximum stability, when carrying the full 3 liter (100 oz) water capacity.

> Top-of-the-range, military-spec, 3L Hydrapak reservoir and drinks tube included.

Pack Layout

> 3-liter reservoir.

> 1-liter side access zip pocket

> Shock-cord for external storage.

> Removable waist strap.

Tech Spec

400(H) x 170(W) x 70mm(D)

3-litre reservoir capacity.

Unique QUADLOC harness: adustable back length with total arm freedom.

Side access pocket

Optional add-on 5 or 10 litre drypack storage

Optional harness pocket

Removable waist strap

SUPERSPACE: 5mm airspace back.

YKK water-resistant zips.

HYPALON: abrasion resistant re-enforcement.

Schoeller DYNATECH with intergrated 3M Scotchlite.

420D nylon ripstop: lightweight yet extremely strong.

3M Scotchlite: reflective logo

LED rear light mounting loop

10-year guarantee


The pack is supplied pre-set to level 2. For XL fit move to level 3 and level 1 for XS fit.

 Step 1: Firstly, push the harness strap back into the pack, to release the harness-web tension.

 Step 2: Shorten or lengthen harness by moving slider on web (equal both sides).

 Step 3: Pull harness strap back out of pack, to tension harness web.

 Step 4: Put on pack and adjust fit as on a conventional harness. Do not over tighten - tidy loose ends - ends under elastic loops. Once set, the harness do not need to be re-adjusted each time as the pack ergonomics allow the harness to open wide for arm access.


Increase your carrying capacity by 5-litres by adding a US-5 Dry Pack (100% waterproof main body). Reversible zip-pocket or mesh pocket. 10-year guarantee.

(click here to view the US-5)


Increase your carrying capacity by 10-litres by adding a US-10 Dry Pack (100% waterproof main body). Water-resistant zip pocket and mesh pocket on underside. 10-year guarantee.

(click here to view the US-10)

Kube Pocket

0.5 litre add-on harness pocket. Padded construction with water-resistant YKK zip. 3M Scothlite relective logo. 10-year guarantee.

(click here to view the Kube Pocket)

  • hy3_thumb_harness.jpgHarness
  • hy3_thumb_pack.jpgPack Layout
  • hydrapak-thumb-reservoir.jpgTech Spec
  • hy3_thumb_fitting.jpgFitting
  • hy3_thumb_us5.jpgUS-5
  • hy3_thumb_us10.jpgUS-10
  • hy3_thumb_kubepocket.jpgKube Pocket

Product Reviews

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  1. Jun 26th 2016

    Get the best. Get Kriega! 5 star rating

    The design for me is a set adjustment and forget it feature. The hydration bladder has a wide opening to easily accept ice cubes.

  2. Jun 12th 2014

    Great but some missed opportunities too 4 star rating

    What I liked
    1. Reservoir: It's terrific and easy to use. My camelbak, in relation became a pain in the you know here once the d-ring became old and the rotary cap started to stick
    2. Valve: lots of features built right in!
    3. Bag: Well constructed and unlike to break or fray like all of Kriega's kit
    4. Feel: Almost disappears on the motorcycle. Lovely!
    5. Overall: Best hydration bag I've owned so far and I've owned a few. I use mine daily (India is a hot place) and the Kriega is the easiest to live with.

    What could be better
    1. If you carry other Kriega gear like a US pack on the rear seat then only the K logo is reflective and visible. Maybe more reflectives up top would be more effective
    2. The small cargo compartment is perfect for an ipad mini and bits but the zipper is maybe half an inch too short for the tablet to go in smoothly. This is annoying because once the ipad mini is in, it disappears in weight and heft entirely
    3. Not sure what the shock cord achieves at all.
    4. If I could mount the helmet skin clad helmet to this bag easily it would make a great walkabout/motorcycle show bag
    5. Cannot figure out why the bottom of the bag (the mesh wing) has two sets of plastic buckles on each side. What is the second one for?
    6. If the little strap that comes with the US5 was standard with this (the one with the hypalon middle, two eyelets and a loop of webbing at each end), mounting things to the bag would be a lot, lot easier with hook straps. I've many Kriega bags (going back a few years now) and its fiddly to have to mount them differently despite using the same hook straps.
    7. The bite valve tasted bitter on day one and required repeated dips in baking soda water to cre (thanks Michael for the tip). Never had to do this with Camelbak valves so clearly the Hydrapak guys need to figure this out.

  3. Feb 21st 2014

    Indestructible! 5 star rating

    I love the Hydro3, it's so much easier to fill and clean than my old Camelback packs, and the bladder seems to be nearly indestructible! I've taken hard falls landing with all my weight on my back, with no ill-effects whatsoever.

    The rest of the pack is equally rugged and well thought out. I don't even notice it's on my back while out riding. I really appreciate the quality of the construction, and the ability to add or subtract storage as needed for different rides, by swapping out my US5 for a US10; the modularity makes it the most versatile, yet light weight, pack I've ever owned!

  4. Jan 4th 2013

    Camel Killer 5 star rating

    Just like every other Kreiga product I have had the pleasure to try,the large 3 ltr Hydrapak is really made to last. Along with the re-enforced and insulated neoprene drinking hose and the extra heavy duty military grade of the reservoir itself,just because ease of cleaning, I believe I have found a favorite hydration pack for my outdoor adventure needs. Who needs camels anyway...

  5. Sep 26th 2012

    Top Notch 5 star rating

    I've used the Hydro 3 backpack for three summers, including one of the hottest on record for this part of the country. Once the bladder is filled with ice and a bit of water, it stays cool all day, no matter the riding conditions. The insulated tube works great, no more warm water in the first sips. The backpack fits comfortably over my Olympia AST jacket and is not confining in any way. Highly recommended!!!

  6. Sep 19th 2012

    Great functionality 5 star rating

    My Hydro-3 Enduro backpack replaces my previous hydration pack. The quick release buckles failed on my old pack after about for short riding seasons. The Hydro-3 Enduro is well designed and manufactured. The materials seem to be holding up well, I cannot speak for their longevity as I have only used the Hydro-3 a few times. I am reasonably confident that they will endure. It is guaranteed for ten years.

    The Quadloc-LITE harness system fits well and does not get in the way or bind shoulders while riding, making it quite comfortable. Not having to adjust the straps each time the Hydro-3 is put on or taken off is very convenient. The plastic buckle that attaches either side of shoulder straps rests against the breast plate of my undershirt protector, this helps distribute the weight of the Hydro-3 even more, however it is a single point of failure for the harness. Let’s hope it holds up, again it is guaranteed for ten years.

    The three litre water bladder holds plenty of water and does not leak. Being able to open the top fully, as well as turn it inside out, makes filling, cleaning and drying easy and convenient. The insulated hose works well and is easily removed from the bladder by means of the watertight spring loaded connector. I hope the connector has a long life. The bite valve is the best I’ve used. It does not leak when not in use and only one hand is required to put it in your mouth and use. It also has a cover for when it is not in use.

    The back pack seems to be quite sturdy. The zippers on the main and smaller compartments are rubberized and have not let any rain water through. The 1-litre side access zip pocket is internal of the main compartment, vice sewn to the exterior, which can make filling it whilst there is a full bladder in the main compartment akin to pushing rope. Best to fill it before putting the bladder in the main. Which is too bad, because I’d like to leave certain items in there permanently. Now I must remove everything, put the bladder in the main, and then fill the side pocket again.

    The Hydro-3 carries one litre more water, but less other stuff than my old hydration pack. The Hydro-3 costs 64% more than my old hydration pack. I hope it will last 64% longer. At any rate it certainly works better and is much easier to use.

  7. Sep 17th 2012

    perfect 5 star rating

    Top grade material...a lot of thought put into building this pack..i love this pack..bladder is perfect size pack its prefect size and the fit is amazing I cannot say enough to give it justice..most definetly worth the money no doubt bu this masterpiece

  8. Jun 13th 2012

    Hydro - 3 Enduro Backpack 5 star rating

    I use the Hydro-3 Enduro Backpack for aggressive mountain biking in Austin, Texas. The average Austin, Texas summer temperature is 100 degrees and I need a 3 Liter hydropack with good ventilation to complete my rides. Of equal importance, I need the hydropack to stay in place when I am taking big drops and hitting gaps. The Hydro-3 accomplishes all 3 primary areas of need extremely well. I have tried hydro packs from Ergon, Camelback and Dakine, but none of them accomplished all three primary areas of need. The build quality and ergonomics are excellent and I am very pleased with the overall performance of Hydro-3 Enduro Backpack.
    It's a 5 Star Hydropack with an asterisk: The fit guide was not very good, which is strange for something that fits so well once you get the Hydro-3 squared away. I'd like to see an online fit guide with illustrations and pictures of the Hydro-3 on riders. Also, unless you add the optional US-5 5 liter dry pack, internal storage is tight. I carry a mult-tool, bandages, CO2 cartridge and my iPhone. If you want to carry more, then you'll want to add the US-5.

  9. Jun 4th 2012

    High build quality 5 star rating

    These Kriega packs are so well thought out and built. The shoulder harness is hands-down the best ever, the bladder is great, the bite valve is ergonomic. I just wish the Hydro-3 had a bit more storage and that the water bladder fit back into the pack better when filled. I just got the US-10 for a bit more storage and now I'm all set.

  10. Aug 5th 2011

    Gotta love Kriega backpacks 5 star rating

    I love their stuff, I swear if they made an enduro bike i'd buy one.

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