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Fork Seal Covers (pair)

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Fork Seals

Increased service life for your USD forks with more effective protection from mud & dirt. Made from NEOSKIN (coated neoprene). Easy fit / clean, no fork disassembly required.

Tech Spec

Easy fit - VELCRO® brand fastener design

Easy clean - every ride

No fork disassembly required

Use with or without cable ties

USD fitment only

Black with silver logo

Universal fit

NEOSKIN: coated neoprene

3M Scotchlite reflective print


Kriega Fork Seals are extremely easy to fit, using velcro which means fork disassembly is not required. Neoprene fork seals are most effective when they are fresh and clean. Old school fork protectors are difficult to clean behind, but our design allows you to clean them every ride if you need to. They can be fitted without cable ties, but you will get increased service life by using cable ties to protect the Neoskin from the fork slider.

Top tip! Extend the operational life of the Forks Seal Covers is to lightly spray the inside with WD40 or similar prior to installing and after each cleaning. A spot of sunscreen on the outside can also help boost the in-built UV protection in certain conditions. Weird, but it works!

NB: With the full-wrap guard and the plastic rings in place, the neoprene will wear through at one point. This does not effect the performance of the Fork Seal as the hole is in a non-critical area, but it can look scruffy. Full-wrap fork sliders, as found on post-2008 KTMs and Husabergs, have a very close tolerance to the plastic dust-cover rings at the end of the fork and can wear through any brand of neoprene cover very quickly. To overcome this problem; either fit 2007-style KTM fork sliders (as shown) or remove the black plastic rings at the end of the fork and use cable ties when fitting. Regardless of which solution you choose, it really does pay to use neoprene fork covers as they make a marked difference to the service interval of your fork.

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Product Reviews

  1. May 20th 2015

    easy install 3 star rating

    Bought a pair for my converted Supermoto KTM 525 and my Ducati Monster S4rs.
    -things to note...wish the material was a little more durable. my tire on supermoto picked up a little mud/dirt and it seems to have spun around the tire and brushed against the seal cover on both sides. This minor incident wore a hole on both seal covers, so i'm not sure how they will hold up seeing as how this happened on the very first ride after install.

  2. Mar 24th 2015

    A must for any bike! 5 star rating

    These are the first Mod that I do to any new bike I get.
    Fantastically innovative design make for easy install. They definitely prolong fork seal life.
    Some reviews have cited the quantity of cable-tie loop holes as a potential improvement, but in the absolute hell that I put my bikes through I have never had one of these seal protectors budge from the installed position. The wrap around Velcro arrangement is all these need to stay in place.

  3. Nov 14th 2014

    Service and Product Review for the fork Protectors 5 star rating

    The first thing most buyers look for in a product is quality and is it worth the asking amount.Tied with that for me, is service. I bought a set of these protectors and they worked great. I noticed a bit of perishing, but they still kept my fork seals dust free, and contacted Kriega ,who promptly sent me a new set the same day. Now when a company can do that and back their product, they have more than my attention. They have my respect and word of mouth advertising. Please don't hesitate to buy from this company. The new protectors have held up real well through dust, rain and soaring heat.They are real easy to install and clean.
    Thanks for your products and service.
    Derek Sahd

  4. Sep 9th 2014

    Make Kriega your official Fork Seal Cover supplier! 5 star rating

    Increase the service life of your forks by keeping them clean from mud and dirt, use Kriega USA fork seals. They are easy to install, remove and clean!


  5. Jul 12th 2014

    No Seal Leaks! 5 star rating

    The Kriega fork seal covers are excellent. They are easy to fit and easy to live with. Simple to remove and clean, which means I really do remove and clean them! I have been using the older style for the last two years and just switched to the new, larger style for USD forks and am very pleased with the fit of the new style. I have ridden thru a lot of dirt/dust/mud and put over 80k miles with Kriega fork seal covers and never had to replace a leaking fork seal. For me, that says it all.

    I've got them on my Yamaha Super Tenere and my wife's F650GS twin, both bikes have used them since new and have over 80k miles w/o a single fork seal leak.

    Thanks Kriega!!

  6. Jun 3rd 2014

    GS800 and Kriega 4 star rating

    Installing the Kriega fork seal covers is fairly simple. Since the covers are neoprene, they stretch readily to conform to your forks. Unfortunately, the package does not come ready with a zip ties. You'll need slightly longer ties to loop around the fork tubes. Overall quality is great so far and the velcro isn't cheap and does not pill. The price is slightly higher than I would imagine for neoprene and velcro. My only suggestion would be to add 1 or 2 more zip tie loops, or to stitch them into the neoprene. But, they seem to do the job well.

  7. Nov 7th 2012

    Does the Job 4 star rating

    This product seems to do the job well. I cannot guess as to how well it will last, but so far it is great. If it last a few years it is worth the money. If not, it may be a little overpriced, but if you have been having trouble with dirt and sand in your seals, I recomment trying this.

  8. Oct 16th 2012

    Easy Install 5 star rating

    I was looking around wondering why no one had created something like this. Then, there it was. Exactly what I was looking for. Everyone who has exsposed fork sliders and likes dirt needs these.

  9. Sep 24th 2012

    Good Fit 4 star rating

    Initial installation went well. Will see how they hold up.Another loop for cable tie would help.

  10. Jun 26th 2012

    Simple & Effective 4 star rating

    The fork seal covers to a good job keeping the seals clean and have been durable so far. Be sure to remove and wash covers every few rides. Only improvement would be one more loop for the cable tie at the top.

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