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R15 motorcycle backpack

Product details:
Hydration compatible rucksack for road and offroad riders. With ultra-short back length to wear above waistpacks.

Works great with these options:

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R15 Video

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The Kriega R15 backpack uses our own innovative QUADLOC-lite harness. Once set, just click in and out. Harness angled away from underarms for total freedom of movement. Removable waist strap. Size adjustable top harness to provide optimum fit and pack position on body. Wear high for use above waist packs or low to fit under suit aero-humps.

Pack Layout

15-liter capacity main compartment with 4-point pack compression. Organizer pockets: front sleeve, zipped inner mesh, inner reservoir pocket with 2-point compression.

Tech Spec

430(H) x 250(W) x 150mm(D)

15-litre capacity.

Unique QUADLOC harness: Adjustable back length with total arm freedom.

Side access pocket.

Optional 3-litre hydration reservoir.

Optional add on 5 or 10-liter Drypack storage.

Optional harness pocket.

Removable waist strap.

SUPERSPACE 5mm airspace back.

YKK water-resistant zips.

HYPALON: abrasion resistant re-enforcement.

Scholler DYNATECH with integrated 3M Scotchlite.

420 D nylon ripstop: lightweight yet extremely strong.

3M Scotchlite: reflective logo.

10-year guarantee


The R15 backpack is supplied pre-set to level 2. For XL fit move to level 3 and level 1 for XS fit.

 Step 1: push the harness strap back into the pack to release the harness-web tension

 Step 2: Shorten or lengthen harness by moving slider on web - equal both sides

 Step 4:Pull harness strap back out of pack to re-tension harness web

Step 5: Put on pack and adjust fit as on a conventional harness. Do not over tighten. Tidy loose web-ends under elastic loops. Once set, the harness straps do not need to be readjusted each time, as the pack ergonomics allow the harness to open for wide access.


Increase capacity by 5 liters by adding a US-5 drypack (see US-5 link below)

Fitting instructions: Thread 2 x US-5 fitting straps through the web-loops on the front of the R15.


Increase capacity by 10 liters by adding a US-10 drypack (see US-10 link below)

Fitting instructions: attach 4 x Alloy Hooks from the Kriega US-10 to the 4 x web loops (that hold the compression strap clips in place) on the face of the R15 pack and cinch down tight.

Kube Pocket

Optional 0.5-liter harness pocket. YKK water-resistant zip and 3M Scotchlite reflective print (see Kube pocket link below).


Optional 3-liter Hydrapak reservoir. The Kriega R15 has an internal compression pocket and quick-release buckle to locate the reservoir. VELCRO® brand touch fastener tube-management component included (see 3L reservoir link below)

  • r15_thumb_harness_new.jpgHarness
  • r15_thumb_pack_new.jpgPack Layout
  • r15_thumb_tech_new.jpgTech Spec
  • r15_thumb_fitting_new.jpgFitting
  • r15_thumb_us5_new.jpgUS-5
  • r15_thumb_us10_new.jpgUS-10
  • r15_thumb_kubepocket_new.jpgKube Pocket
  • r15_thumb_reservoir_new.jpgReservoir

Product Reviews

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  1. Oct 20th 2015

    Great product! 5 star rating

    Don't even realize it's in your back. Never tugged on my shoulders. I even had to pull my buddy on his bike while he held my shoulder strap with his left hand.

  2. Sep 25th 2015

    are there others that make backpacks? 5 star rating

    this is an unbelievable product.
    I was told all thru childhood, 'quality remains when the price is forgotten.' I now know what they were talking about. comfort, style, craftsmanship in such a seemingly small package.
    best purchase for my riding ever.

  3. Aug 11th 2015

    Absolute necessity for anyone who needs a backpack 5 star rating

    Many people laughed when they heard I was going to pay the premium for a motorcycle backpack. Now I am the one laughing because I don't know how I went so long without it! First thing, the quality of this bag is uncompromised in any fashion. Every zipper, liner, clip/buckle, and fabric is top notch in every way. It affixes to my body very snugly and in a way that I actually forget that it's there about five minutes into riding. If you're even the slightest bit hesitant about purchasing this backpack, think again. This could be one of the greatest decisions you make riding wise!

  4. Jun 15th 2015

    Essential Kit 5 star rating

    I was reluctant to try a backpack as I have tried riding with non-moto specific backpacks in the past and they never worked that well for me. Coupled with some back problems I was very concerned about how a backpack would perform for me. However, faced with a several day trip on a small-bore dual sport I needed a hydration pack and some storage for extra tubes and food.
    If you are a serious rider, this is the pack for you. It is awesome! While a bit on the small side, the R15 will swallow an enormous amount of gear if you pack carefully and is filled with nice touches. The small zippered compartment on the back is very hand for often used items that you need to access quickly. The harness fits comfortably and has a secure latching mechanism that is easy to operate and holds the pack in place even during enthusiastic off-roading. The dot system for setting up sizing eliminates guesswork. I am 6 feet tall, 265 pounds and built like a linebacker. When I took it out of the package I was concerned that it would not fit my wide shoulders, especially over my riding jacket but the R15 fits like it was made for me. It honestly becomes a part of me and I often forget I am wearing it until I try to unzip my jacket. Where does the weight go? I have no idea, but it certainly does not affect my back and I have not noticed the added weight even after multiple 400+ mile days.
    I like the R15 so much that I have taken to wearing it on every ride, whether I need the extra storage or not. I find myself reaching for it even before my helmet. I feel lost without it. This is essential kit for any serious rider.

  5. Mar 24th 2015

    Fantastic Bag 5 star rating

    I’ve had a Hydro-3 with a US-5 attached to it that I have dragged all over the world for over 10 years now, while it’s a little grubby now it is still physically and mechanically perfect. I have never seen this kind of sustainability and robustness in any off-road product before.
    The time had come for something a little bigger for our more remote rides so I opted for a new R15. The R15 survived a baptism of fire with a 400mile off-road opener this weekend, it is a brilliantly designed pack; I barely knew it was on my back. Plenty of storage, comfortable and perfectly distributed weight.
    I never have any hesitation in recommending Kriega products, and they never fail to live up to peoples expectations.

  6. Mar 6th 2015

    best fit more room great pack 5 star rating

    When I saw this model was the smallest I was concerned it wouldn't have enough room for a days full of stuff. Just a great pack. Even when full it doesn't feel bulky.
    LOVE IT.

  7. Dec 23rd 2014

    Best Pack Available 5 star rating

    Bulletproof design with the best materials available with the best harness on the planet. I use both my R15 and my R20 for motorcycling, cycling and skiing. Full-loaded, they are so well balanced you don't know you're wearing one. Your search is over. Buy it/them now!!

  8. Oct 23rd 2014

    Functional Design 5 star rating

    The design of this backpack provides superior comfort and function over a standard book bag/backpack. Although it could use more reflective material, this is an excellent choice for commuters.

  9. Sep 29th 2014

    Nice packpack but not perfect 4 star rating

    Let me start by saying the R15 satisfies my most basic requirements, which were: solid construction, light weight, water resistant and I was looking for a bag small enough to be barely noticeable when wearing, yet able to carry my critical items like laptop. The R15 is exactly that.

    The Good:
    * nice support - the backpack fits nicely on your shoulders and the chest snap really keeps it in place
    * The dots on the straps allow you to adjust it evenly
    * Sturdy construction and great looks.
    * Reflective material adds safety when riding.

    The Bad:
    * It could use a few more small pockets to hold things I need to get at more regularly.
    * The shape of the back support curves inwards, which makes it a bit difficult to hold my MAC Air 13". It works but its a bit awkward and it also makes the bag a little less efficient for holding other items in addition to the laptop.

  10. May 15th 2014

    Awesome backpack! 5 star rating

    I wear this every time we head out. It's so comfortable, it feels like it's not there. I have the optional water bladder in there along with some extra clothing and food. Perfect for hours of riding and comfort. Bill Eakins - Butler Maps

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