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R30 motorcycle backpack

Product details:
The best waterproof motorcycle backpack available.

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R30 Video

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Innovative QUADLOC harness: Once set - just click in and out. Harness angled away from the underarms for total freedom of movement and no shoulder pull. Optimum fit with size adjustable shoulder harness.

Tech Spec

Size: 490(H) x 300(W) x 210(D)mm

30-liter capacity

Unique QUADLOC harness

CNC 6061-T6 alloy buckles (patent protected)

100% waterproof main body

2 x zipped outer pockets (water-resistant)

Optional add-on 5 or 10 liter Drypacks

Optional harness pocket (Kube Pocket)

SUPERSPACE: 5mm airspace fabric.

Internal taped-seamed liner

YKK water-resistant zips

Schoeller DYNATECH with intergrated 3M Scothlite reflectivity

1000D Dupont Cordura on base and harness

420D nylon rip-stop: lightweight, yet extremely strong

Optional Forcefield Level 2 Back Protector Insert available.

10-year guarantee

Pack Layout

The best waterproof motorcycle backpack on the market.

Ideal for keeping your laptop or other valuables safe from water ingress.

100% waterproof main body with 6-point pack compression.

2 x zipped outer pockets (water-resistant).

Optional Forcefield Level 2 Back Protector Insert available.


The Kriega R30 waterproof motorcycle backpack is supplied pre-adjusted to level-2 on the harness straps. This harness position will fit the majority of riders. Adjust to level 1 for XS and level 3 for XL fit.

Step 1: Firstly push the harness strap back into the pack to release the harness-web tension.

Step 2: Shorten or lengthen harness by moving slider on web - equal both sides.

Step 3: Pull harness strap back out of pack to tension harness-web.

Put on pack and fasten front 2 x harness buckles. Adjust alloy buckles on hip wings by lifting and pulling the nylon cord. Tighten alloy buckles so the wings grip the sides of your torso. The top harness straps should not be a close fit, but not too tight.


Increase capacity by 5 litres by adding a US-5 drypack (See US-5 link below).

Fitting instructions: thread US-5 fitting straps through the square rings on the front of the R30. Reversible: zip pocket or mesh pocket on the front.


Increase capacity by 10 litres by adding a US-10 drypack (click here for details or to order).

Fitting instructions: attach 4 x Alloy Hooks from the Kriega US-10 to the 4 x web loops (2 per side) on the Kriega R30 backpack and cinch down tight.

Kube pocket

Optional 0.5 litre harness pocket. Water-resistant YKK zip and 3M Scotchlite print. Easy to take on and off.

(See Kube Pocket link below).

Back Protector Insert (M)

Optional Forcefield Level 2 back protector insert.

(See Back Protector link below).

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  • Tech Spec
  • Fitting
  • US-5
  • US-10
  • Kube Pocket
  • forcefieldmed-thumb-fitting2.jpgBack Protector

Product Reviews

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  1. Nov 18th 2015

    When on;y the best is good enough. 5 star rating

    As a daily rider in the Pacific North-Wet I have learned that being simply "good' is just not good enough at times. Having the best gear available it the way to roll. From jackets to boots to gloves... And being prepared is half the battle when temperatures can swing from 32 degrees to a 95 or better in a single day of riding. To carry what is necessary for my safety and comfort I have found and chose the Kriega R30. My gear is always at the ready and ALWAYS DRY when I need it. And THAT is THE BEST!

  2. Aug 8th 2014

    R30 Review 5 star rating

    The quad-loc system is a great feature. I recently purchased this bag to use for a long road trip (9-10 hours) and I never even noticed that I was wearing it! I also purchased the Hydrapack accessory and I was able to pack 5 days of clothes, a rain jacket, hammock, and toiletries all into this pack with the bladder being completely full. Overall this is a great pack and I would fully recommend it anyone who is considering purchasing it. You won't regret it!

  3. Jul 29th 2014

    Great pack! 5 star rating

    This pack is one of the best backs I've ever bought. At first this pack especially with gear in it feels a bit heavy but once it's secured properly you never notice the weight on your back or shoulders. Outstanding design and superb quality. Everything you come to expect from Kriega.

  4. Jun 24th 2014

    R30 Pack 5 star rating

    Gear is Tough, Waterproof and Extremely well built, I have been using the R30 pack and US 5 pack for a few weeks now, I live in Alaska where the weather is always unpredictable. I was so impressed I have since ordered the US 20 and kube pocket.

  5. Apr 29th 2014

    A great pack gets even better 5 star rating

    I just got this as a warranty replacement for my old R30. An awesome pack in it's own right, but this pack has been updated. What was good is better. Can't say a bad thing about the pack or the company. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jan 17th 2014

    Replaced a Stolen R30 5 star rating

    My last R30 was stolen along with my moto. Missed the fit and feel of this bag...purchased one immediately to replace what was lost. :) Thanks Kriega.

  7. Feb 8th 2013

    super awesome bag 5 star rating

    Since I sold my car recently and my bike is being transported to the city I recently moved, I’m using my R30 for plenty of other stuff besides wearing it exclusively while I ride.
    For example I came real handy yesterday when I had to do some groceries and filled it up all the way to the top, and even though it was heavy it distributed weight very efficiently and it made my walk from the store to my apartment less stressful & more manageable. Same scenario when I had to go to the Laundromat (in my bike XD) the other day filled it up with my clothes all the way to the top.
    So far the backpack feels rugged, comfortable and dependable I have no complaints whatsoever, weight distribution is awesome it didn’t tire my shoulders & lower back in either of the scenarios described above & adjusting the straps is super easy.
    I have one suggestion though, if the side straps (the ones used for opening or closing the bag) could be adjustable it would help opening and closing the bag more easy specially in scenarios like I described above.
    Best backpack i have ever had.

  8. Dec 6th 2012

    Life with the R30 5 star rating

    I just wanted to follow up and say that after a year, I'm still stoked by how great this pack is. Not once have I wished I had bought something else. When a product is this good you just know it. I can also vouch for how much stuff you jam in this bag. I've had five days worth of clothes, toiletries, laptop, and a projector slammed into the R30 that had the US10 attached, and while it was heavy, it didn't cause any undue strain or hamper my ride. I think a R25 is next up for me for those times I don't need to haul a laptop around. Thanks again Kriega for taking care of us riders.

  9. Nov 29th 2012

    Great Pack 5 star rating

    I have been using this R30 pack for several weeks now, in dry and wet weather.

    1. Roomy, holds a lot of stuff
    2. Once on, does not restrict arm movement; feels well proportioned and balanced irrespective of load
    3. Visible at night (reflective strips) but could always use more
    4. 'dangling straps' kept to a minimum (great!)
    5. Waterproof thus far

    1. For me, hard to move the adjustment straps (reach back) when on. When fully loaded, these do need to change a bit

    1. When used without leather gear (walking around without the bike), fit is awkward
    2. Would be nice if the manufacturer would include a place inside the pack for application of name/identification information (vs. writing on the waterproof pad, which wears quickly)
    3. The side roll-down fasteners are not adjustable, so if roll-top filled you cannot strap sides down. Problem when carrying technical drawings or long items
    4. Fantastic fit/finish - absolutely no complaints with how it was built (and I am a demanding consumer)

    1. Commute 60-100 miles a day, rain or shine
    2. Carry main pack (regularly); lunch, PC, notebooks, gym gear, extra gloves/gear depending on weather - room to spare
    3. Carry pockets (regularly); tech support stuff (charging cords, safety glasses, etc), pens, pencils, spare change, extra tools - room to spare

    Thank you Kriega, great product

  10. Sep 12th 2012

    How much will it hold? This much: 5 star rating

    I need a bag that I can carry with me easily to work and around town daily, and I didn't feel comfortable leaving my US30(bike bag) on the bike at all times, and I found I was constantly looking back to make sure it was still on, even though it was tied very tight it would still wiggle around.

    Anyway, I was debating between the R25 and R30, and I'm very glad I spent the extra money and got those extra 5 liters. Here is a pic of everything put into the bag that I carry daily(the bag weighs in at 24lbs with all this):


    Here are the contents listed out in case the picture doesn't work:

    Main compartment:

    1 pair size 12 running shoes
    1 pair running shorts
    1 t-shirt
    1 pair ankle socks
    1 extra large plush towel
    1 camie blouse
    1 pair camie trousers
    1 pair size 12 combat boots
    1 24oz coffee mug
    1 46oz/1.3L bottle

    Front compartments:

    1 thick paperback book
    1 stick deodorant
    1 can hair putty
    1 loofah
    1 18oz bottle of shower gel
    1 wallet
    1 watch

    All this and I still had plenty of room in the front pouches, and a little more in the main compartment. The weight is felt, but it's on my hips and chest, not on my shoulders, so it is very manageable.

    Bottom line: I wish I would have bought the R30 before my US30, but hey, now I've gone tons of space for a road trip!

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