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R35 motorcycle backpack

Product details:
The most comfortable big motorcycle backpack out there.

Works great with these options:

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The Kriega R35 motorcycle backpack now features improved adjustability in the upper harness; full hydration compatibility; even greater durability thanks to abrasion resitant Hypalon panels and a more sturdy carry handle; plus additonal reflevtive silver web loops for easier attachment of optional US Drypacks and reflective shock cord stowage.

With our unique QUADLOC harness system, once set, just zip in and out. Harness angled away from underarms for total freedom of movement and no shoulder pull. Chest panel includes 2 x zip pockets and a 3M Scotchlite reflective zip-cover.

Pack Layout

35-liter capacity with 6-point pack compression. Open main compartment with sleeve for back protector, hydration and / or 13" laptops and smaller coated mesh zipper pocket. Organizer pockets: front mesh pocket with shock cord compression, top zip-mesh pocket, 2 x side access zip pockets & key clip.

Tech Spec

Size: (H)22.4" x (W) 11.8" x (D) 7.9"

35-liter capacity

Unique QUADLOC harness

Patented CNC 6061-T6 alloy slide adjusters

2 x outer zip-pockets

Front coated mesh pocket with shock cord

Top coated zip-mesh pocket

Inner document / reservoir sleeve pocket

Optional add-on 5 or 10-liter drypacks

Adjustable upper harness

SUPERSPACE: 5mm airspace fabric back

Oversize YKK coil zippers

Schoeller DYNATECH with 3M Scotchlite reflectivity

1000D Dupont Cordura on base & harness

420D RipStop: Lightweight, yet extremely strong

10-year guarantee

Fitting Instructions

The Kriega R35 motorcycle backpack is supplied pre-adjusted to level-2 on the harness straps. This harness position will fit the majority of riders. Adjust to level 1 for XS and level 3 for XL fit.

Step 1: Push the uppermost harness strap back into the pack, or pull the loose end out, to release the harness-web tension.

Step 2: Shorten or lengthen harness by moving slider on web - equal both sides.

Step 3: Pull harness strap back out of pack, or slide it back in, to tension harness-web.

Step 4: Back off alloy sliders on lower harness strap (pull cord outwards to release grip and slide all the way back towards the pack)

Step 5: Put on pack and zip up. Adjust alloy buckles on hip wings by lifting and pulling the nylon cord outwards, then sliding alloy rings towards you - both sides at the same time. Tighten alloy buckles so the wings grip the sides of your torso. The top harness straps should not be a close fit, but not too tight.


Add 5 liters extra capacity by adding a Kriega US-5 Drypack.

Fitting instructions (2014 US-5): Attach 4 x Alloy Hooks to reflective silver web loops on each side of backpack body & cinch down tight.

Fitting instructions (pre-2014 US-5): Hook the 4 x US-5 Alloy Hooks straps into the compression strap clip web loops on the face of the R35.

Add 10 liters extra capacity by adding a Kriega US-10 Drypack.

Fitting instructions: Attach 4 x Alloy Hooks to reflective silver web loops on each side of backpack body & cinch down tight.


The latest generation of the Kriega R35 motorcycle backpack is fully compatible with our Hydrapak motorcycle rider hydration system. The 3L Military Spec. reservoir slips into the dedicated sleeve against the back panel of the main compartment and is held upright with a VELCRO® brand fastener loop. The drinking tube is routed out through a covered duct in the top of the outer shell and over the right-hand shoulder, where it is attached to the upper harness with a v2 VELCRO® brand touch fastener Tube Locator.


Add CS Level II protection to your motorcycle backpack with our Forcefield insert (size M). The premium quality back protector insert slips into the sleeve on the back wall of the main compartment to provide an even greater level of safety.

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Product Reviews

  1. Aug 19th 2015

    On month in Sold 5 star rating

    I purchased the R35 after seeing an R25 on a passerby and finding the website by the name on the back. I had never heard of the company before until going to the website. After looking at different types and deciding on the larger capacity R35 the order was swift. I've been commuting daily about 60 miles and the pack is most definitely the most secure. you can fasten it up an be sound that nothing is coming off, exactly what you would want in a Motorcycle backpack. I can concentrate on riding and not give too much attention to payload. Zippers are strong and stiff and slide into secure folds prevent damage from wind. The pack also sports a reflective strip fore and aft for visibility. The front pockets can almost fit a 5.5 inch smart phone.

  2. Jun 26th 2014

    LOVE THE BACK PACK 4 star rating

    Its a great product. Takes some getting used to just one compartment, and the zipper is a bit slow, if you plan on a lot of stops during your day, then i recomend a quick latch system instead. This is a great product for long rides, and it breaths well on my back. I ride in Texas so all the air i can get the better.

  3. Jan 24th 2014

    awesome 5 star rating

    what a great piece of kit! Just received the upgraded 2014 version which I can't wait to test here during the wet sierra Nevadan winter. I appreciate the standard designed zipper style backpack design and its adaptability to strap on my us5 or 10! the zippered fastener in the front will hold my mp3, phone and camera perfectly for quick access Thanks for making a great product and supporting racers.

  4. Sep 9th 2013

    Very Good Backpack 4 star rating

    I will be starting school and I needed a lot of space. The R35 has lots of room. It has one big pouch and two in the sides for smaller items. I carry a 13 inch laptop, binder, notebook, textbook, gym shoes, gym attire, and lunch bag. I weighed this and it was 20 pounds. I put it on and I didn't feel the heavyness. The quality is good. I see the reflectors getting dirty and I feel like the harness in the front could easily rip from the heavy stuff I have. I'm thinking of getting the drypack US10 so I can put some small items in there. Carrying a heavy load could mess up my back. I would recommend Kriega products to anyone.

  5. Jan 17th 2013

    Eye Catcher and good space 5 star rating

    35 liters sounds a lot, and it is. This backpack has 1 huge room with a pocket for your 17" laptop (i tried mine). It has 2 useful pockets on top and inside the backpack, and 2 pockets in front at chest height that almost single handed made me buy this bag. The chest strap combined with the easy tighten and release system that this backpack has, which is patented so that it is almost exclusively with Kriega. I recommend getting the US-10 with it, as it expands it capacity to even further levels.

  6. Oct 10th 2012

    All around pack 5 star rating

    This pack is the perfect fit on and off the bike. The front pockets are great for the quick to reach items and a great place to stick my ipod. This is not a hydration pack, but I was able to attach a camelbak armorbak directly to mine using the buckles. Excellent service from Kreiga as well!!

  7. Aug 24th 2012

    35 liters does the trick 5 star rating

    I was on the fence about whether to get the R30 or the R35. At the zero hour I chose the R35 and I'm glad I did. I needed to carry gym clothes and shoes, a weight belt, gloves and a insulated lunch box. It all fit and I can barely tell it's back there. The front pockets provide axcess to I.D., phone, cash, etc. Great purchase.

  8. Jun 22nd 2011

    R35 perfect 5 star rating

    I bought this backpack and the the US-10L dry-bag. Both are super high quality and extremely durable. After 10000km they still look like new. With normal backpacks it gets uncomfortable pretty fast. This one is really made to distribute the weight better. There's also a practical pocket in the front where you can put your wallet that is easily accessible when you need to fuel your bike.

    Worth every penny. Wish all companies put this much thought in their products!

  9. Jun 6th 2011

    R35 King of bags 5 star rating

    I have only used this bag for only a month or so but can tell i have brought a quality bag. i have many other bags which just dnt seem to compare to this. i thought 109 was a large amount of money to spend on a bag but once you have it you cant fault it. my issue was bags not being waterproof and just not being comfortable and with large soft padding it is very confortable. the bag doesnt look huge when on your back and can be worn just as an everyday rucksuck. also i tihnk it looks very sleek and cool looking bag. i havent bought te waterproof linner and am tihnking of this as a future purchase but so far contents of what has been in the bag has been completely safe and dry. Another advantage the rucksack has is the harness which makes the bag very secure around your chest. ive always wanted a rucksack which feels secure and am able to put some valubles In this area of the bag. I will be buying more kriega from now on already looking at bike packs. A seriously genuine rucksack.

  10. Jun 6th 2011

    R35 5 star rating

    About 5 or 6 years ago I bought a "Krug" R35 rucksack at the GMEX show at Manchester. Previously to the purchase of the R35 I had always had crap rucksacks which always fell apart, didn't hold the kit, always leaked and were downright uncomfortable for the odd 30 years I had persevered with them. Since buying the R35 I've added an R3 bumbag - yes you've guessed - because all the other bum bags I've had have also fallen apart because they were crap. Anyway, the reason for the email is just to put pen to paper as it were and let you know what a good bit of kit the R35 is. It's been dragged here there and everywhere, done several laps of the Netherlands/Belgium/France, been soaked for endless hours at a time. It's now getting on for 5-6 years old and people still ask me today if I've just bought a new rucksack. Which must be a good testament to it as it still manages to look new. It does exactly what it's supposed to and on several occasions held a bit more than it was designed to, and all without any damage, wear or discomfort. As for the R3 - well I haven't had it long enough but it's doing the business as it were already!
    Good on ya folks. You keep making it, I'll keep using it!

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