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US Alloy Hook Strap Set (x4)

Product details:
Upgrade alloy hook straps for US-10 & 20 packs

Works great with these options:

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Set of four, upgrade alloy hook straps for pre-2012 Kriega US-10 and 20 waterproof motorcycle packs (now standard on all US packs, including combos), plus 4 x Subframe Loops. Extra secure sub-frame fitting kit allows tailpack combinations of up to 90 liters. Fitting straps have been designed to work with virtually any style of bike. Particularly suitable for traditional one-piece seats or bolt-on seat-pads/racks.

N.B. If you purchase a new US-30, US-20 or US-10, or any combo system, you do not need to order these Alloy Hook Straps seperately.

Click on the main image (left) for more photos of the Kriega US Alloy Hook Straps.

Tech Spec

Custom 6061-T6 CNC-miled aircraft grade alloy hooks

Multi-position: mount inline or across bike seat

Easy on/off bike

No loose straps left on bike

Std. strap length 600mm

4 x Acetal ITW Airloc buckles

4 x 20mm sub-frame loops

10 year guarantee

Fitting Instructions

NB: Some bikes already have web loops attached to the seat-pad/base. In this case we still recommend the fitting of the Kriega loops, as fitting to the subframe is far stronger than to the seat.

Remove motorcycle seat and locate the best mounting areas on the rear subframe. It may be necessary to slot the internal plastic tray if no subframe metalwork is exposed. Attach the 4 x 20mm web loops securely to high strength areas of the frame.The 20mm loops are adjustable in length. Final adjustments should be carried out with the seat/pad fitted.

Once set, the web must be threaded back through the adjuster to lock-off the webbing (see the threading diagram on this page). To fit the US pack, simply insert an alloy hook in each loop, attach the top quick-release buckle and cinch down the bag on to the bike. Always use the 2 x strap keepers on the webbing to manage the loose ends. Also ensure that the quick-release buckles are correctly 'clicked' home.
To use Alloy Hook Straps to attach US bags together in stacked combo configuration simply place the smaller bag on top of the larger one and insert the smaller bag's Alloy Hooks into the dedicated webbing loops on the base of the larger back and follow same procedure as above. N.B. if you have a pre-2012 US-20 (i.e. without dedicated webbing hook loops) and wish to attach a new US-10, use the US Alloy Hook Straps from your new US-10 on the US-20 and then use the compression straps from the US-20 to attach the US-10 to it.

Full instruction sheets are supplied with all Kriega bags and Alloy Hook Strap sets, but you can also download digital versions here (select your chosen image and click on it, mouseover the full image, click on 'Options' and choose 'Download').

Product Reviews

  1. Apr 7th 2016

    Quality 5 star rating

    Quality and design are excellent Kriega product meets all my expectations and more lastimaq in South America do not have a distributor .......

  2. Apr 26th 2014

    Options galore 5 star rating

    Having some extra alloy straps is a good idea. Helps give me more choices when strapping up my US-5, US-20 to the bike.

  3. Mar 21st 2013

    Exceeds expectations 4 star rating

    Not that I had low expectations in the first place; I had done my research and felt good about going with the US30combo, UStank and extra US Alloy Hook Straps. Everything from the sleekly utilitarian rugged good looks to versatile strapping options exceeds my expectation. The underseat mounts add a neat accent to my saddle without being distracting and are there when I need them. The US Alloy hook straps are STRONG, easy to engage and quick to adjust/disconnect. Any extra material is easily managed with the hearty opposing clips on each strap so nothing is fluttering in the wind. They look fantastic on my white 2013 ZX14r whether on the front or back and I can't wait to grab another US10 to have even more versatility in my travels. Now I wouldn't use any other staps and extras mean more options with all of the various loops the bags provide, all in the right spots, very well thought out and executed. Bravo Kriega!

  4. Oct 16th 2012

    Excellent customer service 4 star rating

    I ordered a set of these to install on my second bike. I was disappointed at first as the sub-frame loops were silver and not black as pictured. However a quick email to Kriega and the problem was solved and a new set of black sub-loops promptly sent out.
    I use these every day as my commuting set-up with a US-20 bag. Works great and super easy to use.

  5. Oct 4th 2012

    Very nice upgrade 4 star rating

    I bought a US-20 just before the addition of these hooks to the standard setup to get the cheap price then being offered. I used it for almost a year on my Ninja 650 with just the simple straps that it came with wrapped around the one-piece seat of my bike, and that was OK. The seat tapers toward the back on this bike though, and so tightening up the back strap to pull the pack snug against the seat caused the strap wrapped under the seat to want to walk itself backward toward the narrowest part of the seat end, and that meant it could never be that secure.

    So eventually I decided to order these, and I'm happy I did. There are two parts to each strap- a "loop" strap that gets affixed to your subframe that you just leave in place all the time, and then a "hook" strap that has the buckle snaps that click into the pack to hold it in place. You thus have loops in fixed places on the bike subframe that the enclosed hooks can tie into, and everything can be cinched down snugly without moving. When I take the pack off the bike, I generally choose to unhook the hooks rather than unsnap the buckles, and thus the bike is left looking clean with no dangling straps left behind. You can see the small profile of the "loops" peeking out from under the seat, but that's it.

    Works great. Worthy upgrade.

  6. Jun 6th 2011

    Great made better 5 star rating

    I love my US-10's and US-20's, but to add the hook straps instantly made them better. Quicker and easier to fit to the bike, and much stronger too. Great idea, works flawlessly.

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